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Body Contouring

Body Contouring services offered in Slidell, Madisonville and Hammond, LA and Picayune, MS

Body contouring can minimize fat to give you a more desirable figure without surgery or downtime. At Northshore Dermatology in Madisonville, Louisiana, the team can help you reach your body goals. Call the office for a consultation today.

Body Contouring Q&A

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a type of treatment that minimizes fat in targeted areas. You cannot target specific fat in your workouts, and in many cases, pockets of fat remain on your body no matter how much you dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle. 

Body contouring can target and remove these stubborn pockets of fat using energy, cold temperatures, or other mechanisms. These treatments work by damaging your fat cells, which liquefies them so your lymphatic system can flush them out as waste. Some body contouring treatments help you build muscle instead. 

You’re a good candidate for body contouring as long as you are at or close to your goal weight, as the treatments cannot help you lose substantial weight. The team at Northshore Dermatology invites you to come in for a consultation to make sure body contouring is right for you. 

What are my body contouring options?

Body contouring can be surgical or nonsurgical, with nonsurgical options being much simpler and typically safer than getting surgery. Northshore Dermatology uses CoolSculpting for body contouring treatments:


CoolSculpting has no surgery or downtime. It damages your fat cells by freezing them with controlled cooling in as little as 30-45 minutes. You might need multiple sessions to target fat on your abdomen, chin and neck, thighs, or other commonly targeted areas.

Are the results of body contouring permanent?

Body contouring results are permanent whether you opt for body contouring surgeries or nonsurgical procedures like the services you can get at Northshore Dermatology. The fat cells that body contouring treatments damage and remove are gone for good after your lymphatic system flushes them out. 

It’s still entirely possible for you to gain weight and for new fat cells to grow in the areas you target with body contouring. To keep your body’s newly refined curves, you should stick to a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise.

To learn more about the body contouring treatments you can use to refine your silhouette, call Northshore Dermatology or book a consultation online today.