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Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments services offered in Slidell, Madisonville and Hammond, LA and Picayune, MS

Laser treatments improve the look and feel of your skin without invasive surgical interventions. The team at Northshore Dermatology offers the very best in laser treatments at four locations in Slidell, Madisonville, Hammond, Louisiana, and Picayune, Mississippi. To book your visit, call the friendly office staff today or schedule online.

Laser Treatments Q&A

What are laser treatments?

Laser treatments use the power of light to create changes in your skin. There are many different treatments to choose from, but each works by directing concentrated beams of light that penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. 

That light creates heat, but the surface of your skin remains at a comfortable temperature. Your body perceives that heat as damage and responds with a healing reaction.

The treatment platforms used in laser therapy are some of the best technology within modern medical aesthetics. Team members at Northshore Dermatology go through additional training to learn how to make the most of these advanced machines without compromising patient safety. 

Are laser treatments painful?

Laser treatments are not usually painful. You may feel warmth or a mild burning or stinging sensation during your sessions. If you have sensitive skin, a numbing cream helps reduce those sensations during your visit.

Some laser treatments are more intense than others. When you come in for your consultation, your practitioner explains the options and what to expect during and after your treatment sessions.

All laser treatment platforms are carefully calibrated to ensure a safe and effective treatment experience. If you ever experience significant discomfort, simply ask your practitioner to take a break or adjust the settings on the device. 

How do I know which laser treatments are right for me?

Northshore Dermatology offers several laser treatment options. Triniti™ Plus Total Facial Renewal Sublative Sublime treatment uses a combination of light energy and radiofrequency energy to create impressive improvements in your skin. 

This is an ablative treatment, meaning the outermost layers of skin are physically removed during treatments. Sublative rejuvenation is another approach that resurfaces the skin over a number of sessions.

While IPL photofacials are often included in discussions of laser therapy, these treatments, including the FotoFacial®, are not true lasers. They use pulses of different wavelengths of light to trigger reactions within the skin. 

Laser hair removal is another treatment that relies on laser energy. This option reduces unwanted hair by creating heat that damages the hair roots. 

If you’d like more information about laser treatments, call the office to schedule a visit. You can also book online, which takes just a few moments to complete.