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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a treatment used to improve pigmentation and smooth the texture of the skin using a chemical solution that reduces the damaged outer layers. There is a chemical peel for every type of skin, so you can confidently trust our professionals to find an answer for your skin care! The regenerated skin is usually clearer and smoother with less noticeable fine lines. Northshore Dermatology offers several different Chemical Peels! Peels are recommended in a series of three (3) treatments to achieve maximum results.

Vi Peel

We offer a variety of Vi Peels that focus on skin concerns such as Fine Lines, Sun Damage, Skin Tone, Acne Scarring, Texture, Inflammation and Redness. Vi Peels usually have 7-10 days of downtime where the skin goes through the peeling process.

Glyderm Peel

We offer a variety of Glyderm peels, which reveal smoother, clearer, and healthier looking skin with the use of Glycolic Acid. This peel requires minimal to no downtime, and is even safe for pregnant women. Glycolic Acid exfoliates and leaves the skin with an instant glow, which is a recommended treatment for all skin types.

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