Constantly moisturizing with no result? Your skin may be needing this instead…


Constantly moisturizing? Not seeing any result? 

      Whether you are dry, oily, or combination skin type, you have probably incorporated a moisturizer or hydrator in your regimen at some point. This step is not necessary all the time, and could mean that your skin is actually craving something else…


    Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, it is constantly changing and trying to send us signals about what is needed within the body. Some people experience dry or oily skin because the body is actually in need of more antioxidants, like a Vitamin C or TNS Essential serum. While we love our moisturizers and hydrators like Obagi Hydrate and SkinMedica HA5, it may not be a long-term solution to some skin concerns. These products are very useful when your skin is in need of some TLC from an aggressive regimen, but won’t be as necessary once your skin is trained and can appropriately produce its own natural oils.

Antioxidants to the rescue! 

      A long-term solution to keep your skin concerns at bay will be incorporating antioxidant products! Your skin is constantly combating the free radicals and pollutants from the environment that even SPF can’t fight. Your skin needs protection from these pollutants, so it is overproducing or underproducing natural oils to supplement that need….which can result in dry or oily skin.  When an antioxidant is incorporated, the skin can become balanced again. This is a problem that many patients are unaware of that can be fixed!

How do I know what I need? 

     It may take some trial and error to determine what your skin needs, but we can help! Our skin consults are completely free, and we are always happy to help you pick out products and customize a treatment plan. Some antioxidant products that we carry like SkinMedica LumiviveObagi Vitamin C, and TNS Essential Serum are the perfect dose of what your skin is craving for the long-term benefits you’re looking for. You may even need to change simple steps to your regimen like your exfoliation method. We can use our Reveal Camera to accurately pinpoint your skin concerns and create a customized plan for you, all for free!

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