JUVÉDERM VOLLURE® is the first versatile filler that has ever been approved showing longevity up to 18 months (in 62% of people) in a clinical study. Within the same family, JuvédermVOLUMA® is best for volume correction such as cheeks, and when this was approved, its longevity of up to 2 years changed the shape of the filler landscape.

Juvéderm VOLLURE® is for everything else: nasolabial folds (smile line) and melolabial folds (frown lines/downturned mouths). VOLLURE® is very soft and pliable like Juvéderm Ultra, which has been used as a workhorse filler, but the superior longevity of VOLLURE® means you can get a better value and do not have to come to the office as often for maintenance of your fillers. VOLLURE® can also be injected under the eyes for a natural appearance to fill in hollowness.

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Vollure Before and After Photos

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