Your Skincare Regimen: Transition your Skin routine to Fall

1. Skincare Product Selection

As the weather changes, so should your Skincare routine. Always opt for products that protect you and counterbalance the climate. Consider incorporating products like Lumivive,  Lytera, Vitamin C, Clear & Blender or a higher strength retinol to address discoloration, pollution, and aging concerns. Some of these products are hard for some to tolerate in the summer heat and sun! 

2. Build a Routine!

Fall is about getting back into the swing of a routine! Start by making a free skincare consultation appointment with us so you are fresh faced for the Holiday season ahead! We can build a customized regimen just for you. 

3. Exfoliate

Slough away dead skin from the summer and encourage new cell turnover with a chemical peel! Chemical peels become more popular in the fall and summer months because it is best to avoid the sun after this treatment. We offer peels ranging from $85 -$350 with different levels of downtime. You can also opt for other exfoliation services like a Dermaplane or Hydrafacial! Another popular treatment that increases in the fall and winter months is any and all laser treatments! These treatments are best suited for months when the sun is easiest to avoid. 

4. Assess Your Summer Sun Damage With Us

The most important part of your skin routine is ensuring that it is healthy. A Skin Check is recommended at least once a year. Most damage tends to happen in the summer, and we are here to educate you on how to address current damage and prevent it in the future! (Hint: SPF is a great place to start.) 

We love helping each of our patients discover what it’s like to have the skin they have always dreamed of. Message us or text “Skin Consult appointment” to (985)202-9995 to schedule today! 

Transition your skincare routine to fall

Juvederm Filler

Juvederm Filler Juvederm is the top filler injectable on the market right now! Juvederm comes from the company that created Botox, which means it is incredibly reliable and researched. It is an FDA approved  natural substance (hyaluronic acid) and lidocaine. This creates a natural volume and contour in the treatment area.  Where can you get

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Skincare under $100

Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive to work. Check out some of our favorite products below that yield great results but don’t break the bank! Skin Medica AHA/BHA Cleanser $47  Unlike other exfoliating cleansers that are way too abrasive (St. Ives Scrub…we’re looking at you) this cleanser is a gentle way to exfoliate  dead skin cells using jojoba beads

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summertime skincare

Summer Skincare Myths

  Myth #1- “The SPF in my makeup is enough” Wrong! This SPF is an added precaution and is NOT enough to protect your skin. In order to adequately protect your skin from the sun, you should be applying a nickel sized amount to your face and neck before applying your makeup. This layer of

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